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INGREDIENTS.--4 middling-sized mackerel, a nice delicate forcemeat, 3 oz. of butter; pepper and salt to taste.

Mode.--Clean the fish, take out the roes, and fill up with forcemeat, and sew up the slit. Flour, and put them in a dish, heads and tails alternately, with the roes; and, between each layer, put some little pieces of butter, and pepper and salt. Bake for 1/2 an hour, and either serve with plain melted butter or a maître d'hôtel sauce.

Time.--1/2 hour. 

Seasonable from April to July.

Sufficient for 6 persons.

Note.--Baked mackerel may be dressed in the same way as baked herrings, and may also be stewed in wine.

TO CHOOSE MACKEREL.--In choosing this fish, purchasers should, to a great extent, be regulated by the brightness of its appearance. If it have a transparent, silvery hue, the flesh is good; but if it be red about the head, it is stale.


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