The Book of Household Management

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And so now we move onto the often referred to classic by Mrs Beeton. Or at least the recipes from this book. I don't think the parts about Butlers or different menus for different months are that relevant to the main focus of this blog, but if you are intrigued, you can find the whole book here:

I did find what Mrs Beeton has to say about various fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats to be of interest however, so I created a special blog for them, which can be found here:

Before I begin, Mrs Beeton did have this to say:

It will be seen, by reference to the following Recipes, that an entirely original and most intelligible system has been pursued in explaining the preparation of each dish. We would recommend the young housekeeper, cook, or whoever may be engaged in the important task of"getting ready" the dinner, or other meal, to follow precisely the order in which the recipes are given. Thus, let them first place on their table all the INGREDIENTS necessary; then the modus operandi, or MODE of preparation, will be easily managed.


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