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Melt three tablespoonfuls butter, add four tablespoonfuls flour, and gradually one cup scalded milk with one-half cup macaroni rolled fine; when well thickened, pour into yolks of four eggs, beaten until thick, and lemon color, and mix with two tablespoonfuls sugar; cool, add one-fourth teaspoonful Crown almond extract and cut and fold in the whites of four eggs, beaten till stiff and dry. Turn into buttered pudding dish, sprinkle with macaroni crumbs and bake from thirty to thirty-five minutes in slow oven in a pan of water. Serve with Foamy Sauce.

Foamy Sauce.

Beat whites of two eggs till stiff, add gradually one cup powdered sugar and continue beating, and then add one-fourth cup hot milk or cream and one teaspoonful vanilla.


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