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Get five pounds of a cheap cut of beef. Cut into little pieces, taking off the fat. Try out the fat, brown the meat in it, and when well browned, cover with boiling water, boil five minutes, then cook in lower temperature until the meat is done. During the last hour of cooking add two-thirds cup of turnips and the same amount of carrots cut in small cubes, one-half an onion chopped fine, salt and pepper. About fifteen minutes before taking up put in four cups of potatoes cut in small pieces. Use one-quarter cup of flour for thickening and put in dumplings made as follows:

Mix and sift two cups flour, four teaspoonfuls baking powder, one-half teaspoonful salt. Work in two teaspoonfuls butter, add gradually two-thirds cup milk. Roll to one-half inch thick, and cut out with biscuit cutter.


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