Oyster Chartreuse

Author: Top of the Rock Astronaut / Labels:

Boil and mash fine 6 potatoes, add a cupful of milk, salt and pepper to taste, a little butter, and the whites of 4 eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Have a plain mould well buttered and sprinkle the bottom and sides with bread crumbs. Line the mould with the potatoes and let stand for a few minutes. Put a slice of onion and 1 pt. of cream or milk to boil. Mix two tablespoonfuls of flour with a little cream or milk, and stir into the boiling cream. Season well with salt and pepper and cook eight minutes. Let the oysters come to a boil in their own liquor, skim them out and add to the cream, take out the piece of onion. Season and turn carefully into the mould. Cover with mashed potato, being careful not to add too much at once. Bake ½ an hour. Take from the oven about ten minutes before dishing and let it cool a little. Then place a large dish over the mould and turn out carefully. Caution should be taken that every part of the mould has a thick coating of the potato, and when the covering is put on, no opening is left for the sauce to escape.


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