BROWN MUSHROOM SAUCE, to serve with Roast Meat, &c.

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INGREDIENTS.--1/2 pint of button mushrooms, 1/2 pint of good beef gravy, 1 tablespoonful of mushroom ketchup (if at hand), thickening of butter and flour.

Mode.--Put the gravy into a saucepan, thicken it, and stir over the fire until it boils. Prepare the mushrooms by cutting off the stalks and wiping them free from grit and dirt; the large flap mushrooms cut into small pieces will answer for a brown sauce, when the buttons are not obtainable; put them into the gravy, and let them simmer very gently for about 10 minutes; then add the ketchup, and serve.

Time.--Rather more than 10 minutes.

Seasonable from August to October.

Note.--When fresh mushrooms are not obtainable, mushroom powder may be used as a substitute for brown sauce.


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