Author: Top of the Rock Astronaut / Labels:

INGREDIENTS.--From 5 to 10 lbs. of rib of beef, sufficient brine to cover the meat.

Mode.--Choose a fine rib, have the bone removed, rub some salt over the inside, and skewer the meat up into a nice round form, and bind it with tape. Put it into sufficient brine to cover it, and let it remain for 6 days, turning the meat every day. When required to be dressed, drain from the pickle, and put the meat into very hot water; let it boil rapidly for a few minutes, when draw the pot to the side of the fire, and let it simmer very gently until done. Remove the skewer, and replace it by a plated or silver one. Carrots and turnips should be served with this dish, and may be boiled with the meat.

Time.--A small round of 8 lbs., about 2 hours after the water boils; one of 12 lbs., about 3 hours.

Note.--Should the joint be very small, 4 or 5 days will be sufficient time to salt it.


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