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INGREDIENTS.--1 heart, stuffing of veal forcemeat.

Mode.--Put the heart into warm water to soak for 2 hours; then wipe it well with a cloth, and, after cutting off the lobes, stuff the inside with a highly-seasoned forcemeat. Fasten it in, by means of a needle and coarse thread; tie the heart up in paper, and set it before a good fire, being very particular to keep it well basted, or it will eat dry, there being very little of its own fat. Two or three minutes before serving, remove the paper, baste well, and serve with good gravy and red-currant jelly or melted butter. If the heart is very large, it will require 2 hours, and, covered with a caul, may be baked as well as roasted.

Time.--Large heart, 2 hours.

Sufficient for 6 or 8 persons.

Seasonable all the year.

Note.--This is an excellent family dish, is very savoury, and, though not seen at many good tables, may be recommended for its cheapness and economy.


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