A VERY RICH AND GOOD MUSHROOM SAUCE, to serve with Fowls or Rabbits

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INGREDIENTS.--1 pint of mushroom-buttons, salt to taste, a little grated nutmeg, 1 blade of pounded mace, 1 pint of cream, 2 oz. of butter, flour to thicken.

Mode.--Rub the buttons with a piece of flannel and salt, to take off the skin; cut off the stalks, and put them in a stewpan with the above ingredients, previously kneading together the butter and flour; boil the whole for about ten minutes, stirring all the time. Pour some of the sauce over the fowls, and the remainder serve in a tureen.

Time.--10 minutes. 

Sufficient to serve with a pair of fowls.

Seasonable from August to October.


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