WHITE ROUX, for thickening White Sauces

Author: Top of the Rock Astronaut / Labels:

INGREDIENTS.--6 oz. of butter, 9 oz. of flour.

Mode.--Proceed in the same manner as for brown roux, but do not keep it on the fire too long, and take care not to let it colour. This is used for thickening white sauce. Pour it into a jar to use when wanted.

Time.--1/4 hour. 

Sufficient,--A dessertspoonful will thicken a pint of gravy.

Note.--Besides the above, sauces may be thickened with potato flour, ground rice, baked flour, arrowroot, &c.: the latter will be found far preferable to the ordinary flour for white sauces. A slice of bread, toasted and added to gravies, answers the two purposes of thickening and colouring them.


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