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INGREDIENTS.--For a tongue of 7 lbs., 1 oz. of saltpetre, 1/2 oz. of black pepper, 4 oz. of sugar, 3 oz. of juniper berries, 6 oz. of salt.

Mode.--Rub the above ingredients well into the tongue, and let it remain in the pickle for 10 days or a fortnight; then drain it, tie it up in brown paper, and have it smoked for about 20 days over a wood fire; or it may be boiled out of this pickle.

Time.--From 10 to 14 days to remain in the pickle; to be smoked 24 days.

Note.--If not wanted immediately, the tongue will keep 3 or 4 weeks without being too salt; then it must not be rubbed, but only turned in the pickle.


INGREDIENTS.--9 lbs. of salt, 8 oz. of sugar, 9 oz. of powdered saltpetre.

Mode.--Rub the above ingredients well into the tongues, and keep them in this curing mixture for 2 months, turning them every day. Drain them from the pickle, cover with brown paper, and have them smoked for about 3 weeks.

Time.--The tongues to remain in pickle 2 months; to be smoked 3 weeks.

Sufficient.--The above quantity of brine sufficient for 12 tongues, of 5 lbs. each.


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