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INGREDIENTS.--1/4 lb. of salt to each gallon of water.

Mode.--Cleanse the fish, but do not skin them; lay them in a fish-kettle, with sufficient cold water to cover them, and salt in the above proportion. Bring them gradually to a boil, and simmer gently for about 5 minutes, or rather more should the fish be very large. Dish them on a hot napkin, and garnish with tufts of parsley. Serve with anchovy or caper sauce, and plain melted butter.

Time.--After the water boils, 5 minutes.

Seasonable all the year, but best from October to March.

Sufficient, 1 small whiting for each person.

TO CHOOSE WHITING.--Choose for the firmness of its flesh and the silvery hue of its appearance.


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