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INGREDIENTS.--Egg and bread crumbs, a little flour, hot lard or clarified dripping.

Mode.--Take off the skin, clean, and thoroughly wipe the fish free from all moisture, as this is most essential, in order that the egg and bread crumbs may properly adhere. Fasten the tail in the mouth by means of a small skewer, brush the fish over with egg, dredge with a little flour, and cover with bread crumbs. Fry them in hot lard or clarified dripping of a nice colour, and serve them on a napkin, garnished with fried parsley. Send them to table with shrimp sauce and plain melted butter.

Time.--About 6 minutes. 

Seasonable all the year, but best from October to March.

Sufficient, 1 small whiting for each person.

Note.--Large whitings may be filleted, rolled, and served as fried filleted soles. Small fried whitings are frequently used for garnishing large boiled fish, such as turbot, cod, etc.


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