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Slice a peeled onion and cook it until brown in three tablespoonfuls of fat tried out of salt pork; take out the onion and turn in one and one-half pound lean uncooked veal cut into inch cubes. Stir and cook the meat until slightly browned, then, rejecting the fat, if there be any in the pan, place the meat in a casserole; add about a pint of broth or boiling water, a teaspoonful pepper, cover the dish and set to cook in the oven. In the meantime add more fat to the pan; when hot, brown in it a dozen balls cut from pared potatoes and a dozen small onions; when the onions are well browned, add to the casserole, and after the meat has been cooking an hour, add a teaspoonful salt and the potatoes, and if desired two tablespoonfuls flour mixed to a thin paste with cold water. Let cook in all about two hours. Serve from the casserole.


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