TOMATO SAUCE--HOT, to serve with Cutlets, Roast Meats, &c.

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INGREDIENTS.--6 tomatoes, 2 shalots, 1 clove, 1 blade of mace, salt and cayenne to taste, 1/4 pint of brown gravy, or strong stock.

Mode.--Cut the tomatoes in two, and squeeze the juice and seeds out; put them in a stewpan with all the ingredients, and let them simmer gently until the tomatoes are tender enough to pulp; rub the whole through a sieve, boil it for a few minutes, and serve. The shalots and spices may be omitted when their flavour is objected to.

Time.--1 hour, or rather more, to simmer the tomatoes.

In full season in September and October.


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